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am i hott?

name -Jennifer
age -16.. 17 in 2 weeks
location -niceville, florida
status -right now..single

what is the best thing you like about yourself? i like my personality because im outgoing and funny. and i like my eyes because there green and not very many people have green eyes.
what is the worst thing you like about yourself? my nose.. i hate it
whats the most embarrasing thing thats ever happened to you? well me and my friends were "trying" to skim board at the beach and i thought it was going to be soooo easy and there were all these people (mostly guys) around and i kept on saying it was gunna be so easy and when i jumped on the board i fell straight back and landed on my back but i ended up laughing it off. oh and everytime the floor at school gets wet i usually slip
what is the most daring thing youve ever done? me and my friend spyed on these guys one time through an open window. then another time we snuck out and ended up sleeping in this guys front yard.
what do you see when you look in the mirror ( do not put ME )? i see someone who is friends with just about anyone and everyone and i also see someone who needs a tan badly.

Favorites :
Store- old navy & hollister
Food- chinese, salad, french fries, and ice cream.
Animal-my dog roxanne
Artists/bands-dashboard confessional, soty, fall out boy, phantom planet, lynyrd skynyrd, ashlee simpson, ryan cabrera, lil jon (lol), thursday, jason mraz, maroon 5, red hot chili peppers, usher, chingy, many more..
Movies-how to lose a guy in 10 days, american pie 1&2, a walk to remember, half baked, 10 things i hate about you, legally blonde 1&2, banger sisters, a lot more..

What do You think of :
Britney Spears - well i like some of her songs. im not a britney hater or anything i dont really understand what the big deal about her is yeah shes pretty when she has on makeup.
Kanye West -hes cool, he has talent, and some good songs. i like him
Teen Sex -</b>do what you want if your ready and you really like/love the person then why not.
Teen Drinking -again its your choice.. ive done it before/do it sometimes.. you should learn from your own experiences plus it isnt really that bad just dont drink and drive.
Christina Aguilera - its cool that she does her own thing whether or not other people will like it or not. shes also has a really good voice.
Avril Lavigne -shes okay i like her music. but the whole tie thing is annoying especially how she said that she started it when really there were many people who did that before her so yeah.
Government -well today gas prices really piss me off $2.03 per gallon is fricken CRAZY! it costs me like 30-40 bucks to fill my car up today. insane

im on the left and my friend katie is on the right.

me and my friend rachel dressed weird and toilet papered someones house

oh and i thought i would throw in a few other things about me too:
i love shopping
i love dooney and bourke bags there so cute
i like the beach
i play softball
im in love with the shows laguna beach, gilmore girls, desperate housewives, one tree hill, and the oc

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