You were so 5 seconds ago! (spank_me_please) wrote in are_u_h0t_enuff,
You were so 5 seconds ago!

am I hot?

name -
Jenna Lynn
age - 15 , 16 on the 19th... hey now you know my b-day!
location -  bonita springs fl.
status -single

what is the best thing you like about yourself?
my tiny pig tails
what is the worst thing you like about yourself?  my bad grammar
whats the most embarrasing thing thats ever happened to you? Last week on tuesday I was dancing to "lets go" and I spilt my pants Infront Of everyone, whom were def. older than me. I wore some guys boxers the rest of the night.
what is the most daring thing youve ever done? I once flashed the schools deputy, It was a dare and I never pass up a good dare.
what do you see when you look in the mirror ( do not put ME ) ? I really don't know... well a girl with short hair, a square face, freckles and hazel eyes.

Favorites :
The Lions club
Food- veggies
Animal- big puppies
Artists/bands- lindsey lohan, hilary duff, three days grace, and breaking benjamin.
Movies:10 things I hate about you, never Been kissed, and I am sam

What do You think of :
Britney Spears -
umm I like Her outfits some times.but the whole marrige being a joke was really stupid and a drunk lush Kind of thing and her preg. thing she is gonna loose her career. 
Kanye West - he had his jaw wired shut and still made a new song. thats dedication.
Teen Sex - birth control Is free for teens at planned parenthood so that contribute to the teens being safe. oh and there are bowls of free condoms for ever one.
Teen Drinking - I think every one should know their limits
Christina Aguilera - I liked her song beautiful, she supports gay rights obviously. 
Avril Lavigne - I was told that I looked like her with Long hair but I cut it off.
Government - umm I don't really Understand the government to have an opinion on it.

ZzzZzzzZzzZzzzz. . . .

I look bad in this picture But the dog is cute.

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