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name - christina angel
age - 13 (can you let me in a little early, im under 14 but soon to be 14)
location - north carolina
status - taken

what is the best thing you like about yourself? my eyes
what is the worst thing you like about yourself? my nose
whats the most embarrasing thing thats ever happened to you? forgetting my dance in a competition
what is the most daring thing youve ever done? snuck out? i got caught by the cops though
what do you see when you look in the mirror ( do not put ME ) ? a girl with brown hair and blonde highlights that has a great life and is pretty happy with herself.

Favorites :
Store- hollister
Food- japenese
Animal- yorkie
Artists/bands- gwen stefani, tbs, my chemical romance (much more)
Movies: mean girls, bring it on, bringing down the house, save the last dance, the notebook and more!

What do You think of :
Britney Spears - shes a slut but shes beautiful, she shoulda never gotten married
Kanye West - awsome. great sense of humor!
Teen Sex - wrong, but dont hate people that engage in the act. its their choice
Teen Drinking - sometimes okay but all the time (noo)
Christina Aguilera - beautiful, very pretty voice. over all awsome
Avril Lavigne - somewhat of a wannabe but lately im liking her style
Government - oh please, too confusing

I hope you consider me, If not No hard feelings :)!
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