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am i hott?

name - kharisma
age - One6
location - brOward cOunty fl
status - taken

what is the best thing you like about yourself? my sense Of humOr
what is the worst thing you like about yourself? my height.
whats the most embarrasing thing thats ever happened to you? iOno
what is the most daring thing youve ever done? skinning dipping..
what do you see when you look in the mirror ( do not put ME ) ? a lOng sad stOry..

Favorites :
Store- Macy`s
Food-italian, japanese
Animal- pOlar bears
Artists/bands- alicia keys, beyOnce, jay-z, usher, ciara, gwen stefani, briteney spears, etc.
Movies-hOuse of wax

What do You think of :
Britney Spears - nOw that`s she pregnant..iOnO
Kanye West - i lOve him
Teen Sex - whatever.. i dOnt care
Teen Drinking -dOnt care.
Christina Aguilera - lOve her vOice.
Avril Lavigne - i dOnt like her..
Government - nO cOmment

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